23+ Cute & Aesthetic Notion Templates [Updated May 2023]

Aesthetic Notion Templates

Sometimes you just want a cute Notion template to inspire your creativity.

I’ve got the perfect list for you.

Below you’ll find a list of hand-picked notion templates for their cuteness and aesthetics.

Check out my longer list of free notion templates.

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Who am I?

👋 Hey, I’m Nick. I’ve been using Notion for over four years and collecting my favorite templates on this website.

I’ve organized my lists by the different types of Notion templates.

Here are a few examples

I also run a Notion podcast called Template Titans where I interview the best Notion template creators to unpack the secrets to their success.

I see a lot of Notion templates and this helps me understand what are the best Aesthetic Notion templates available today.

The Best Aesthetic Notion Templates

Ultimate Brain by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank Second Brain Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is a Notion and Productivity creator.

He is the most knowledge Notion creator out there.

His Ultimate Brain combines tasks, projects, notes, and goals - turning Notion into your all-in-one task manager, note-taker, and planner.

And it’s built beautifully so you want to keep coming back to use it.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you get in his Second Brain template:

  • A My Day dashboard for perfectly planning out your day
  • A Quick Capture dashboard for quickly capturing notes and tasks, then getting on with your day
  • GTD-style task capture and processing
  • PARA-style organization (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) for tasks, projects, and notes. Ultimate Brain turns Notion into the perfect tool choice for Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course.

This template also comes with extensive tutorials along with free lifetime access to a support community on Circle where you can ask questions!

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner)

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner) Notion Template

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner) is one place to manage everything in your life entirely in Notion.

This template is both aesthetic and functional.

Everything in your life has a home in Super Life so you can be more organized and productive.

It gets top marks for aesthetics and for the sheer amount of functionality inside of it.

Don’t miss my longer list of business Notion templates if you’re looking to run your business from Notion.

Anime Cafe Dashboard

Anime Cafe Notion Template

Look, this dashboard is cute AF and that is an objective fact.

Walk into your personal virtual cafe every morning for anything you need in this super aesthetic Notion template.

This template features Aesthetic anime cafe loop visuals 🖼 which is why I ranked it so highly.

Pairs perfectly with the Student OS template too.

The dashboard is a hub for:

  • 🍎 Daily Habit Tracker
  • 📓 Daily Journal (Gratitude, Intentions & More)
  • 🗻 Goals & Milestones
  • 🧘‍♀️ Mental & Physical Wellness Hub
  • A lot more

Click the link below to check it out.

The Cozy Life Dashboard

Cozy Life Dashboard Screenshot

Author: Nick (it’s me!)

It just started raining outside. You can hear the rain pitter-pattering outside your window.

You poured a fresh cup of coffee and there’s music playing softly in the background.

I tried to capture these little moments in a single Notion template.

This is a cozy, aesthetic dashboard to help you keep track of everything in your daily life.

It’s full of fun widgets for Notion like Weather widgets, quotes, spotify embeds, and more.

And it’s the best template I’ve ever made.

Notion Personal Goals Planner | Barbie Aesthetic 💅🏻

Notion Barbie Goals Planner

Author: Beto

Description Hi, Barbie! Turn your dreams into reality with my Notion Personal Goals Planner | Barbie Aesthetic 💅🏻.

This template combines Barbie’s iconic aesthetic with effective goal-planning tools:

  • Set 3-month goals: Be the Barbie you’ve always wanted to be. Establish each goal, and create individual tasks.
  • Add individual tasks to the weekly planner: Stay on track and reach your milestones.
  • Prioritize self-care: Goals are great, but so is your well-being. Ensure a balanced and fulfilling journey to success.

Ready to be your own dream Barbie?

Download the Notion Personal Goals Planner | Barbie Aesthetic 💅🏻 now and turn your dreams into reality.

2023 Notion Gratitude Journal

Notion Gratitude Journal 2023

Author: Frances Odera Matthews

Updated for 2023, the cult journal with over 3,000 downloads is back for another edition this year.

This template, specifically for gratitude journaling, is also incredibly aesthetic.

It was created by Frances who runs The Notion Bar. She’s a certified Notion consultant and knows Notion inside and out.

This year’s edition includes a bunch of new features, including:

  • Beautiful & mobile-friendly design
  • Conveniently pre-filled dates
  • 170 inspiring community-submitted wellness tips (submit your own for next year)
  • Mindful habit & task tracker/manager (Daydream and Power Journal only)
  • 4 x customisable & automated planner templates with pre-filled prompts, habits and tasks (Daydream and Power Journal only)

And honestly a ton more. Check it out below.

Ultimate Habit Dashboard

Ultimate Habit Dashboard

Author: Gridfiti

Create great habits and stick to them with The Ultimate Habit Tracker Dashboard for Notion!

✔️ Create, then track your habits every week with an easy-to-use checkbox system

🍎 Includes several built-in categories – from health, to self care, organization, finances, intellect, hygiene, and more

🚀 Get an overview of how you’re doing by habit and by category throughout the year with progress bars – and even see how many days you’ve stuck to your habit so far

🌖 Set integrated AM & PM routines that connect to your habits

The Relationship Journal

Notion Relationship Journal Template

The Relationship Journal is a clean and beautiful Notion template that helps you document your journey with your partner and develop an even stronger relationship.

This is a brand new Euphoria theme with neutral pastel colors and a fresh tile-design that is suited for viewing in both light and dark mode.


  • Customize your ready-made relationship dashboard
  • Document your discussions and upcoming plans
  • Create your own photo albums
  • Set goals and hold each other accountable to them

Notion Side Hustle OS Template

Notion Side Hustle Business Template

Explore a list of 60+ most popular side hustles.

Start making side income finding the best side hustle for you.

This Side Hustle OS has everything you need to know and have to start a successful side hustle.

If you’ve been looking for a Notion template to start making additional income, you’re in the right place.

Second Mind for Notion + Free Onboarding Call

Notion Second Mind Template

Slay information overload and transform your knowledge into results with the best knowledge management system for digital workers, creatives & entrepreneurs: The Notion Second Mind

Capture what matters, instantly

  • Inbox: your notes, links, and tasks integrated with Notion Quick Capture and shortcuts to make capturing as seamless as possible. Capture and get on with your day.

Organize your resources for future use and never forget anything

  • PARA: Tiago Forte’s knowledge management system (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) tweaked for actionability.
  • Pulled resources: In each Project, you can add relevant resources from different Areas or Topics to help you execute.

Build an idea goldmine that grows together with you

  • Quick daily review: A 5-minute process to keep your second mind tidy, find connections, and keep you up to date with your daily work.
  • Weekly review: A weekly ritual to review your resources and project results, plan your week, and find new connections and ideas. Progressive summarization : Tiago Forte’s distilling method for making your resources more concrete and actionable for future use.

Start using it as soon as you download it

  • 1-minute guides: Under each page, you’ll find a short instruction on how to use it most effectively.
  • 15 min onboarding: A quick onboarding designed to help you get the most out of the second mind template.
  • (Bonus) Free onboarding call: Hop on a 30 min call with me to answer all of your questions and help you tailor the template to your needs.

Stoic Life Journal

Stoic Life Journal Screenshot

Author: Pascio

A life journal made to bring more insight and clarity to your life by journaling the stoic way.

That’s how Pascio describes the Stoic Life Journal.

It’s the perfect aesthetic journaling companion.

Anchoring on the known benefits of journaling combined with the 5 Stoic Methods, this template helps:

  • Calm and clear your mind
  • Make decisions more objectively
  • Embrace the events in your life

I’ve journaled in Notion for the last few years and I started a list of my favorite Notion journal templates if you want to look at other options.

Limitless OS: The All-In-One Notion Template

Limitless OS Notion Template

Limitless OS is the Ultimate, All-In-One Notion Template.

With One Purchase, you’ll get everything that you may need to build your dream Notion Setup.

What you’ll get:

  • Limitless OS with 30+ Built-in Templates Working Smoothly Together
  • 2-Hour Video Guide for Easier Template Setup
  • Dedicated Support on Telegram for Assistance
  • Lifetime Access & Lifetime Updates (current version 2.0.9)

Get the Limitless OS today at the link below.

Build $4000+/month in passive income

Notion Creator Class Bundle

Anyone can be a digital creator. It’s never been easier to start your own business.

Learn to make money online by creating and selling Notion templates and generate more than $4000+/month in passive income.

Start asking yourself:

✅ What would an extra $500/month do to your finances?

✅ How would life look with $1,000 extra coming in consistently every month?

✅ How would having the security of a $2,000 income stream benefit you?

What you’ll be learning

After reading this guide, you’ll have familiarized yourself with the essential knowledge to help you build, launch and sell Notion templates consistently to create passive income for yourself just as I did to generate more than $20,000+ in revenue in 10 months:

✅ How to start a side hustle that actually pays ✅ How to build an online audience and the value of it ✅ How to set up systems to help you do more faster. ✅ How to build a product with no knowledge ✅ How to package and prepare your product

This isn’t some internet guru bullshit. It’s something me and hundreds of other people are doing right now.

And you can too.

Startup OS

Startup OS Notion Template System Screenshot

Plan, launch, and grow your startup all in one place!

Startup OS is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and grow your startup using Notion.

The Startup OS has +60 ready-to-use and easy-to-customize templates including:

  • ✅ Company Dashboard
  • ✅ Business Model Canvas
  • ✅ Value Proposition Canvas
  • ✅ Company OKRs ➕ +56 Other Templates

A process-based approach to growing your startup.

Get the Startup OS today.

Aesthetic Student Planner

Aesthetic Student Planner

Author: EllasTemplates

Any template with Aesthetic in the name automatically makes it to the top of my list.m

And this template does not disappoint.

Just look at all the reactions and comments from fans of Ella’s work

Screenshot of Ella Notion feedback

This template is totally free so check it out below.

Aesthetic Homepage Template

Aesthetic Homepage Template

Author: Reddit User StarryAmbrosia

Ultimate Planner Dashboard

Notion Ultimate Planner Dashboard

Author: Gridfiti

Notion Habit Tracker

My Habit Tracker Screenshot

I completely reworked my Notion habit tracker and I’m giving it away for free.

I wanted to create a calming space that I’d look forward to filling out each day.

My habits are likely different than yours, and my template is lightweight enough for you to customize it to your liking.

It has a space for:

  • Routines
  • Monthly reflections
  • Tracking your weekly habits

Get it free at the link below.

Aesthetic Habits Template

Habits Template For Notion

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing template I’ve found for tracking habits in Notion.

It’s by Reddit User EllieGons.

Notion Plant Tracker

Notion House Plan Template

Author: Crafty Cody

My wife made this template to keep track of our house plants.

It includes a database for you to add pictures, watering information, and to track your plant’s growth.

My wife is the definition of aesthetic and this template is no exception.

Get it for free below.

Notion Creator Starter Pack

Notion Creator Template Bundle Feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to get done? This product is for you.

Introducing Creator Pack. Creator Pack is here to help you stay organized and on top of your deadlines.

With these templates, you can easily track your projects, expenses, and social media content calendar. Plus, our templates are designed to help you save time and be more productive.

What’s Inside?:

  • Projects Tracker
  • Tasks Manager
  • Content Planner
  • Personal CRM
  • Expense Tracker

Notion Expense Tracker

Easlo Expense Tracker Template

Author: Easlo

New Years Resolution Board

Easlo Notion New Years Resolution Board

Author: Easlo

Crochet All Day Notion Template

Crochet Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Crafty Cody

My wife made this template to keep track of her crochet projects!

It’s cute and aesthetic AF.

And free.

Nick’s Notion Journal (Free)

My Notion Journal Template Screenshot

Author: Nick Lafferty

Sobriety Hub

Notion Sobriety Hub

Author: Pascio

Ultimate Second Brain

Notion Second Brain

Author: Easlo

Capture and Organize Everything in Notion

All-in-one productivity system to capture and organize your knowledge, projects, tasks, goals, and more.

What’s included?

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • PARA system: Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive
  • Weekly review

1-Year Transformation Board

Notion Daily Transformation Board

Author: Pascio

A dashboard designed to help you break down and achieve your goals in just one year.

If you really focus your mind for the coming year on accomplishing the goals you set, this digital intuitive lightweight Dashboard made with love in Notion, serves as your personal assistent on that journey.

Daily Reflections Board

Notion Daily Reflections Template

Author: Pascio

Health Hub

Notion Health Hub

Author: Pascio

Student OS: The All-in-One Student Dashboard

Student OS Template Screenshot

Student OS is the ultimate all-in-one workspace for everything you need for your academic career, both in and out of the classroom.

It brings together 15+ integrated templates into a centralized dashboard, including:

  • Robust class pages
  • Assignments and deliverable tracking
  • Semester planning

Available in both an aesthetic and minimalist theme.

Sobriety Hub

Notion Sobriety Hub

Author: Pascio

New Years Resolution Board

Easlo Notion New Years Resolution Board

Author: Easlo

Course Plan

Notion Study Space Template

Airbnb + Property Rental Dashboard

Airbnb Notion Template

Author: Go Limitless

Notion Book Tracker

Notion Book Tracker Screenshot

Author: Easlo

90’s Horror Aesthetic Notion Dashboard Template

90s Horror Notion Template

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