My Notion Templates for Daily Journaling

I’ve journaled in Notion for a few months and I credit it for helping me build a daily journaling habit.

My love for Notion is no secret, I’ve written before how I use Notion to track my life, and more recently why I think it’s the best productivity app of 2022.

Today I’m going to share my journaling templates in Notion, and also how I tag my journal entries to easily look them up later.

But first check out this list of Notion alternatives that you can journal in.


Grab the template here:

If Notion isn’t for you then checkout my best Notion alternatives post to see how it compares to ClickUp,, and others.

Daily Notion Journal Template

I started using Notion’s default journal template, and it was ok. It begins with a series of questions, and has it pre-bulleted out just so you can start writing easily.

But what I found is I’d just fill out random bullshit I did that day, like take a nap, or got coffee. My entries weren’t meaningful representations of my thoughts, emotions, and feelings that day. It was just a shopping list of boring shit I did that day.

So I changed it up. Here’d what it looks like now.

Tell me about your day

That one line is how each of my daily journal entries begins in Notion.

Each entry is also tagged so I can come back to it later. Here are the 3 tags I use for my daily entries:

  • Daily
  • 2020
  • February

The two date tags change when appropriate. It felt really good to roll over my Year tag from 2019 to 2020 when I wrote my first entry this year. Here’s a quick screenshot of my latest entries and how the tags show up in Notion:

Daily Notion Journal Template

I love how each tag is automatically added to my daily entries. I don’t need to do any housekeeping when I want to journal since they’re added automatically. After a little setup Notion stays out of my way, and has provided an excellent medium to start journaling in every day.

Weekly Notion Journal Template

I’m experimenting with Weekly journaling to compliment my daily entries. Where my daily writings are raw explosions of emotion, the weekly ones are more organized. I’ve incorporated some of Notion’s default questions, and I added my own. Here’s what my weekly template looks like:

  • What did you do this week?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What do you want to do next week?

The first question is a high level summary of my week. What activities I did, where I went, anything interesting or noteworthy that happened. It all goes there in short summarrized bullet points, which I feel are infinitely more appropriate for a weekly entry than a daily one.

What are you grateful for is a question that helps keep me grounded. It’s one of my 4 tips for living a healthy life, and one that I practice religiously every week. Sometimes I don’t always write down what I’m grateful for, but I’m constantly reminding myself mentally what I’m grateful for. Just today I wrote a journal entry about how I’m grateful for the seemingly random life experiences that can be so unexpected and representative of being human.

One thing on gratefulness; it’s not a competition. You can, and should, be as grateful for the little things in life like having coffee with a dear friend, as you are grateful for major life events like getting married, buying a house, or landing a better job. Don’t sell the small experiences short, your life is made up of far more small, seamingly insisgnificant, events than it is the big milestones.

The next question, what do you want to do next week, helps me map out my goals. I do my best to write these entries every Sunday, which bookmarks the end of the week and helps me get ready for the next. This can be either pesonal or work related, and is often a mix of both for me.

Monthly Notional Journal Templates

I’m not currently writing a monthly summary. It’s something I’ve thought of, but it would just be a summarizied version of my weekly entries, which are already summaries themselves. I feel like it would be redundant, and I’d rather spend that time writing articles and stories instead. As long as I’m writing then I’m making progress, and I just don’t feel the need to journal monthly right now.

If you have a good monthly template then please share!

How do you journal?

Let me know how you journal, even if you don’t use Notion. I’m always looking to learn and improve.

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