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Hey there!

You’re here because you want to contact me. That’s pretty cool.

You can do that by emailing me a short little tidbit.

Here are the most common topics folks like you contact me about:

  • One of my blog posts has a typo (🙏 always appreciated)
  • You want to add your template to my list of free notion templates
  • You want me to join your affiliate program
  • You want to guest post on my blog (I don’t accept these)
  • You want to sponsor one of my blog posts (typically with a banner that links out to your website, this costs money)
  • You try to sell me wildly uninteresting SEO and link building services (not interested)
  • You need help with your Google Ads campaigns (more info on my consulting page)
  • You want to form a strategic alliance to take over the galaxy

Ok, maybe that last one isn’t common. Maybe it hasn’t happened at all. But you could be the first!

Here’s the deal. Right now this blog is something I do on the side because it’s fun and I like writing.

But I want to take it to the next level.

So the most interesting email you can send me is about how we can partner together to get your brand in front of my audience.

Think big!

If you made it this far you owe it to yourself to send me an email

I’m super nice, I promise.