Free Notion Templates September 2023 [30+ Templates]

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👋 Hey, I’m Nick. Welcome to my website.

For over 4 years I’ve collected my favorite Notion templates on this page.

I organized it into sections to make it as easy as possible to find your next favorite Notion template.

Feel free to click the table of contents at the top to skip around because there’s a lot of templates here.

There are sections for Students, Second Brains, Budget & Finance, Aesthetic templates, and so much more.

I just completed a massive overhaul of this page and my other Notion templates pages to feature the best Notion template creators out there.

And if you want to make a little extra money, learn how to sell Notion templates.

ClickUp vs Notion

Introducing ClickUp AI. With hundreds of handcrafted and research-backed AI prompts, there's something for everyone.

Student Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Student Notion Templates. Find more at the link below.

Notion Templates For Students

Life OS: The All-in-One Notion Template

Life OS Screenshot

Author: Gridfiti

Introducing the brand new Life OS Notion template: the ultimate all-in-one planner for every aspect of your life!

With over 25+ interconnected templates included and a live and dynamic homepage dashboard – this is the only template you’ll need to centralize everything in your life.

The magic of this template is that every page is integrated together.

The dynamic homepage is a live reflection of every bit of information stored elsewhere in the dashboard.

It includes sections for:

  • ✅ Planner & To-Dos
  • 🔄 Daily Routines & Habit Tracker
  • ✍️ Journal & Mood Tracker
  • 🎯 Goal-Setting
  • 💰 Finances
  • 💼 Work & Career
  • 🍳 Recipes & Meal Planning
  • 🧹 Chores & Cleaning
  • 🏋️ Fitness
  • 🧠 Content Queue & Knowledge Base, and much more

All their information is always updated on the homepage.

Learn more and grab the Life OS below.

Student OS: The All-in-One Student Dashboard

Student OS Template Screenshot

Author: Gridfiti

Student OS is the ultimate all-in-one workspace for everything you need for your academic career, both in and out of the classroom.

It brings together 15+ integrated templates into a centralized dashboard, including:

  • Robust class pages
  • Assignments and deliverable tracking
  • Semester planning
  • Built-in grade calculations
  • A digital notebook using the Cornell note-taking system
  • Job and school application hubs
  • Extracurricular tracking and more

Available in both an aesthetic and minimalist theme.

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner)

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner)

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner) is one place to manage everything in your life entirely in Notion.

It brings tasks, notes, plans, health, plant care, travel plans, finance, and more together in your favorite tool.

Here’s a snapshot of what it covers:

  • Dashboard
  • Monthly planner
  • Personal & work daily planners
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookshelf & reading list
  • Workout
  • Plant care
  • Trip planner

Student Essential Template

Notion Student Essential Template

Author: Bodoboal

This template is made for you if you want to manage all your school life in a single dashboard.

For the school year, the template includes a calendar and a to-dos list that remind you of everything that needs to be done.

Share it with your classmates, empower yourself in the classroom and have more time for yourself!


  • Manage all your courses in one place : All your notes are in one place. And no more forgetting where you put things, or having to go through a maze of apps to find old notes. It makes sense to centralize everything with a planner that’s bug-free and easy-to-use.

  • Control access and sharing of your notes: Feel free to share your notes with other classmates. Pages can be easily shared with a set of pages or an entire document with your classmates if you want.

  • Centralizes important dates: Whilst organising important tasks can often be a time consuming process, with centralising all of your deadlines into one place you will be able to see them all on one simple page.

Get the Student Essential template today.

Modern & Aesthetic Student Template (FREE)

Modern & Aesthetic Student Template Screenshot

I custom built the perfect template for students start their semester organized and on-top of everything school will throw at them. It has some of the the best Notion widgets too.

🎉 Start your semester off right

  • This template is an all-in-one workspace with everything you need to stay organized and on top of your school work. It’s built with a modern and pleasing design so keeping track of your tasks is both fun and easy.

🕹️Semester Tracker

  • Start by adding your current semester and your classes in a centralized database.

🎒Class Tracker

  • Add details such as class location, professor, location, schedule, and more. Everything is connected with other databases in the template. Capture and Organize Everything in Notion

This template is built for light mode but here’s how you can enable Notions dark mode.

Notion High School Template

Aesthetic Student Template

Author: Reddit User izzybee

Ultimate Study Planner Template

Ultimate Study Planner Template

Introducing the Ultimate Study Planner Notion Template: Your Personalized Path to Academic Excellence

Embark on your academic journey with confidence using our all-inclusive Study Planner Notion template.

Meticulously designed to empower students, professionals, and lifelong learners to excel in their studies, one step at a time, this template is your key to mastering organization, productivity, and success.

Features: Features:

  • Timetable
  • To-Do Lists (Customized for Each Course)
  • Meal Planner
  • Journal
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Course Pages (with Readings List & Syllabus)
  • Class Notes
  • Habit Tracker

Aesthetic Student Planner

Aesthetic Student Planner

Author: EllasTemplates

Notion Course Plan

Notion Study Space Template

Spaced Repetition Notion Template

Notion Spaced Repetition Template

Author: Brandon Zhang

Notion Campus Life Organizer

Notion Campus Life Template

Author: Will Ma

Free Notion Templates

Ultimate Tasks by Thomas Frank (free template)

Ultimate Tasks Template by Thomas Frank

Ultimate Tasks adds robust task and project management to Notion.

It includes a master task database, along with all of the “smart views” that a user coming from traditional task management apps would expect - Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, etc.

Startup in a box (free template)

Startup in a box notion template

Startup in a box contains everything you need to get started on Notion.

It’s a collection of real Notion pages that helps you build and operate your company from ideation to scale.

Spanning multiple use cases, the templates are organized by relevant stages of a founder’s journey so you can quickly find what’s most relevant for you.

Cozy corner (free template)

Cozy Corner Template

The Cozy Corner is the ideal template for anyone seeking structure in their daily life.

It includes sections for planning your day, reflecting on accomplishments, managing school classes and assignments, and brainstorming goals.

90/90/1 rule (free template)

90 90 1 rule template

What is the 90/90/1 rule?

First introduced by Robin Sharma, it recommends allocating 90 minutes every day for the next 90 days to work on the #1 goal that we want to achieve.

This template helps you identify that goal and track your progress over the 90 day period.

Product Launch Announcement (w/ Notion AI)

Notion Product Launch Announcement Template

Plan your next product launch with Notion AI.

Writing a perfect launch announcement can help make sure your product launches with users and goes a long way toward making a successful product.

Just paste in your product spec to your doc and let Notion AI take a first pass.

Plan a Trip (w/ Notion AI)

Notion Trip Planner Template

Plan your next trip with Notion and some inspiration from Notion AI.

Simply type what kinds of themes come to mind, and let Notion AI plan you a full itinerary with your dream trip.

Aesthetic Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Aesthetic Notion templates. Find more at the link below.

Aesthetic Notion Templates

Anime Cafe Dashboard

Anime Cafe Dashboard Screenshot

Author: Gridfiti

Have everything for your life in one place with the all-in-one Anime Cafe Dashboard! Walk into your personal virtual cafe every morning for anything you need.

Pairs perfectly with our Student OS template (available as a bundle option in the dropdown above)

The dashboard is a hub for:

  • 🍎 Daily Habit Tracker
  • 📓 Daily Journal (Gratitude, Intentions & More)
  • 🗻 Goals & Milestones
  • 🧘‍♀️ Mental & Physical Wellness Hub

Limitless OS: The All-In-One Notion Template

Limitless OS Notion Template

Limitless OS is the Ultimate, All-In-One Notion Template.

With One Purchase, you’ll get everything that you may need to build your dream Notion Setup.

What you’ll get:

  • Limitless OS with 30+ Built-in Templates Working Smoothly Together
  • 2-Hour Video Guide for Easier Template Setup
  • Dedicated Support on Telegram for Assistance
  • Lifetime Access & Lifetime Updates (current version 2.0.9)

Get the Limitless OS today at the link below.

The Cozy Life Dashboard (FREE)

Cozy Life Dashboard Screenshot

Author: Nick & Cody

It just started raining outside. You can hear the rain pitter-pattering outside your window.

You poured a fresh cup of coffee and there’s music playing softly in the background.

I tried to capture these little moments in a single Notion template.

This is a cozy, aesthetic dashboard to help you keep track of everything in your daily life.

And it’s the best template I’ve ever made.

90’s Horror Aesthetic Notion Dashboard Template

90s Horror Notion Template

Dark Green Academia/Urban Fantasy Notion Dashboard Template

Dark Green Notion Dashboard Template

Designed for dark mode, this template is perfect if you’re looking for a simple way to organise your life on Notion. You can link your existing pages so you can access everything from one place.

Aesthetic Homepage Template

Aesthetic Homepage Template

Author: Reddit User StarryAmbrosia

Earthy Cottagecore Notion Dashboard Template

Earthy Cottagecore Notion Template

This template is perfect if you’re looking for a simple way to organise your life on Notion. You can link your existing pages so you can access everything from one place!

Notion Plant Tracker

Notion House Plan Template

Author: Crafty Cody

Notion Second Brain Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Second Brain templates. Find more at the link below.

Second Brain Templates

Ultimate Brain by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank Second Brain Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Thomas Frank

The ultimate productivity system and second brain for Notion.

Ultimate Brain seamlessly combines tasks, projects, notes, and goals - turning Notion into your all-in-one task manager, note-taker, and planner.

Inside, you’ll find advanced features like:

  • A My Day dashboard for perfectly planning out your day
  • A Quick Capture dashboard for quickly capturing notes and tasks, then getting on with your day
  • GTD-style task capture and processing
  • PARA-style organization (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) for tasks, projects, and notes. Ultimate Brain turns Notion into the perfect tool choice for Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course.
  • Recurring tasks (includes a tutorial on how to automate them for free)
  • Advanced archive features to help keep bloat at bay (like Cold Tasks, Snoozed Tasks, and a Someday list)
  • Ultimate Brain has gone through extensive testing and design in order to be optimized for all devices and screen sizes, unlike many other templates which are only designed for large computer screens.

This template also comes with extensive tutorials along with free lifetime access to a support community on Circle where you can ask questions!

Ultimate Second Brain

Notion Second Brain

Author: Easlo

Capture and Organize Everything in Notion

All-in-one productivity system to capture and organize your knowledge, projects, tasks, goals, and more.

What’s included?

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • PARA system: Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive
  • Weekly review
  • Additional components for habit tracking, goal tracking, and journaling
  • Tutorials and examples
  • Lifetime access
  • Access to private support community

Second Mind for Notion + Free Onboarding Call

Notion Second Mind Template

Slay information overload and transform your knowledge into results with the best knowledge management system for digital workers, creatives & entrepreneurs: The Notion Second Mind

Second Mind is a trusted place for your resources:

  • Inbox: your notes, links, and tasks integrated with Notion Quick Capture and shortcuts to make capturing as seamless as possible. Capture and get on with your day.
  • PARA: Tiago Forte’s knowledge management system (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) tweaked for actionability.
  • Pulled resources: In each Project, you can add relevant resources from different Areas or Topics to help you execute.
  • Quick daily review: A 5-minute process to keep your second mind tidy, find connections, and keep you up to date with your daily work.
  • Weekly review: A weekly ritual to review your resources and project results, plan your week, and find new connections and ideas.
  • Progressive summarization : Tiago Forte’s distilling method for making your resources more concrete and actionable for future use.

Start using it as soon as you download it

Say goodbye to hours-long tutorials and courses.

Second Mind offers a seamless way to start using it as soon as you download it.

  • 1-minute guides: Under each page, you’ll find a short instruction on how to use it most effectively.
  • 15 min onboarding: A quick onboarding designed to help you get the most out of the second mind template.
  • (Bonus) Free onboarding call: Hop on a 30 min call with me to answer all of your questions and help you tailor the template to your needs.

Budget and Finance Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Budget & Finance Notion templates. Find more at the link below.

Budget and Finance Notion Templates

Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard

Personal Finance Dashboard

Author: Gridfiti

This template has:

🌳 Income Tracker by Category – track several income streams (salary, investments, side hustles, and more), attach paystubs, invoices, and more

💸 Expense Tracker – track by several pre-built categories, emoji sentiment, date, attach receipts

🧾 Budget Status Tracker – set your monthly budget per category and see where you’re at by monthly average (automatically pulls from the dashboard expense tracker!)

💳 Recap of top income by streams, and top spending by category – by monthly average or all-time stats. See where you’re making and spending the most!

Notion Finance Tracker

Easlo Finance Tracker Screenshot Notion

Author: Easlo

The ultimate dashboard to track all your finances.

Juggling your finances can feel like a full-time job. Our Notion solution makes it easy to manage all your finances in one place.


  • View account balances
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Track financial goals
  • Set monthly budgets
  • Monthly view of expenses & incomes

Notion Budget Tracker

Notion Budget Tracker Template

Author: Benjamin Gowers

Notion Personal Budget Template

Notion Budget Template

Author: Red Gregory

Notion Expense Tracker

Easlo Expense Tracker Template

Author: Easlo

Portfolio Tracker

Notion Portfolio Tracker

Author: Zoe Chew

Life and Productivity Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Life & Productivity Notion templates. Find more at the link below.

Life and Productivity Notion Templates

Ultimate Planner Dashboard

Notion Ultimate Planner Dash by Gridfiti

Author: Gridfiti

The Ultimate Planner Dashboard for Notion is designed to help you get more done with a fully integrated system for daily, weekly, and monthly planning.

🕹 Interconnected dashboard to get an overview of all of your daily, weekly, and monthly planning – with boards, task lists, widgets, and more

🛠 Master tasks database organized by days, priority, to-do, and more – plan your tasks by day, and even plan how long you want to spend on each task

⚡️ Productivity tracking based on hours allotted vs. hours used per task – automatically receive a rating per task and each day, and see your ratings in your daily, weekly, and monthly views!

Learn more by clicking the button below.

Obsidian Life OS Notion Template

Obsidian OS Screenshot

Author: Deepak Vadav

Life is full of options and noise.

By applying the best systems, you can focus on what truly add value to your life.

If you are tired of integrating multiple templates from various creators for a long time to make your notion workflow work in your favour.

Obsidian notion template will be the end of your search.

It has all important management and tracking systems required for an individual on a day to day basis to save time, be more productive and most importantly maintain calm.


  • Obsidian OS includes Notion template and all additional components associated with system efficiency and accessibility.
  • 30+ Template sections
  • 200+ Resources
  • 20 Widgets (Including setup documentation)

The Ultimate Goals Dashboard

Notion Personal Planner

Author: Gridfiti

The Ultimate Goals & OKR Dashboard for Notion is designed to help you map out and actually achieve your goals – no matter how big or small – by breaking them up into an actionable system.

🎯 Set high level goals, by several different areas of life. Using the OKR (objectives and key results) system, there are 3 tiers to dissect your goals into manageable and tangible action items

🛠 Set specific metrics, deadlines, and to-dos per key results item, and watch yourself crush them!

📔 Each goal page includes a pre- and post-goal assessment journal worksheet inside. Using the SMART system and other built-in prompts, get more intentional with your goal setting to set yourself up for success!

Get all that and more at the link below.

Creator Starter Pack

Notion Creator Template Bundle

Feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to get done? This product is for you.

Introducing Creator Pack. Creator Pack is here to help you stay organized and on top of your deadlines.

With these templates, you can easily track your projects, expenses, and social media content calendar. Plus, our templates are designed to help you save time and be more productive.

What’s Inside?:

  • Projects Tracker
  • Tasks Manager
  • Content Planner
  • Personal CRM
  • Expense Tracker

Productivity System by Zoe Chew

Notion Productivity Template

Author: Zoe Chew

Notion Template Bundles

This is a short preview of my complete list of Notion Template Bundles. Find more at the link below.

Notion Template Bundles

Gridfiti Ultimate Template Bundle

Gridfiti Ultimate Notion Template Bundle

I’ve partnered with Gridfiti to offer their Ultimate Notion Template Bundle for a discounted rate.

Get 13 templates, worth $139, for a discounted rate of $59.

The Ultimate Bundle includes:

📔 The Ultimate Planner Dashboard

🎯 The Ultimate Goals Dashboard

🔄 The Ultimate Habit Tracker

🏫 Student OS: All-in-One Dashboard

And 9 more high-quality templates.

There’s no better way to jump start your personal Notion workspace.

Limitless Notion Template Bundle [25 Templates]

Limitless Notion Template Bundle Screenshot

Supercharge your Notion template library with 25 easy to use Notion templates.

Here’s exactly what’s inside.

  • Life Setup Notion Template - $15
  • My Day - Daily Notes, Tracking, & Journaling - $10
  • Personal Task Manager Notion Template - $10
  • Resources & Learning Manager Notion Template - $10
  • Fitness & Gym Tracker Notion Template - $10
  • Travel Planner Notion Template - $10
  • 19 other templates valued over $55

Includes lifetime access to these and all future templates.

Get the Notion template bundle at the link below.

Nick’s Notion Template Starter Pack

Notion Template Starter Pack by Nick

Author: Nick(hey, its me!)

Evert Notion template you need, all in one place.

My new bundle includes ALL of my Notion templates- both personal and productive.

As the ultimate, essential bundle this pack of Notion templates is sure to get you rolling into a more organized world.

Templates included:

  • ☕ The Cozy Life Dashboard - the all-in-one, complete dashboard (reg. $9.99)
  • 🎒 Ultimate Student Planner - perfect for students getting organized (reg. $9.99)
  • 🎄 The Cozy Christmas Dashboard - stay on top of the holiday chaos (reg. $9.99)
  • ✔ Daily Habit Tracker
  • 💵 Monthly Budget Tracker
  • 🍰 Recipe Book and Meal Prep Station
  • 🏡 Ultimate House Planner
  • 🌱 Plant Planner
  • 🖋 Personal Journal
  • 🧶 Crochet Project Planner

Notion Startup Templates Bundle

Notion Startup Template Bundle

50+ ready-to-use templates to launch & grow your business.

Launching a business is hard. So why not use the best templates?

Over the last 10 years, the folks behind BaseTemplates have launched and scaled tens of businesses. And in that time, we created simple templates for ourselves that we could reuse over and over again.

They are all based on best practices from the most successful founders and cover every area - from aligning on a shared vision to setting up a job board.

This bundle includes: 💡 Idea & Validation templates for value propositions, ideas to MVP, and business model planning. ⛰️ Strategy templates for SWOT analysis, mission vission and values, OKRs, and more. ⚙️ Operations templates for daily stand-ups, weekly retros, and 1:1s 💸 Fundraising & Investor templates, including pitch decks 📣 Marketing & Sales templates for PR, sales, social media, Product Hunt launches.

Grab the bundle at the link below.

Sales CRM Notion Template

Notion Sales CRM Notion Template Screenshot

This Advances Sales CRM Notion Template is optimized for expert sales.

Suitable for every salesman, freelancer or startup who wants to grow their customer base and keep track of their progress.

Core Features:

  • Client manager: Keep track of your calls, Schedule tasks, and Meeting Calendar
  • Client database: Organize by area, status and much more, most useful views in the Home Page
  • Daily tasks: Task manager, Easy and practical view of urgent tasks
  • Orders and invoices: Keep an eye on your orders’ status, Get an overview of your sales results

Notion Habit Tracking Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Notion Habit Tracking Templates. Find more at the link below.

Notion Habit Tracking Templates

The Ultimate Habit Dashboard

Ultimate Habit Dashboard

Author: Gridfiti

Create great habits and stick to them with The Ultimate Habit Tracker Dashboard for Notion!

✔️ Create, then track your habits every week with an easy-to-use checkbox system

🍎 Includes several built-in categories – from health, to self care, organization, finances, intellect, hygiene, and more

🚀 Get an overview of how you’re doing by habit and by category throughout the year with progress bars – and even see how many days you’ve stuck to your habit so far

🌖 Set integrated AM & PM routines that connect to your habits

Notion Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker

Author: Nick Lafferty

Thomas Frank’s Minimal Habit Tracker

Thomas Frank Habit Tracker

Thomas Frank is a popular Notion and productivity Youtuber.

He created this template himself to track his habits on a daily and weekly basis.

What I respect about Thomas is that his ideas have sparked tons of other Notion content, and he gives away his template for free.

Habits Template

Habits Template For Notion

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing template I’ve found for tracking habits in Notion.

It’s by Reddit User EllieGons and was inspired from Thomas Frank’s habit tracker, which I’ll include below.

Notion Journaling Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Notion Journaling Templates. Find more at the link below.

Notion Journaling Templates

Stoic Life Journal

Stoic Life Journal Screenshot

Author: Pascio

A life journal made to bring more insight and clarity to your life by journaling the stoic way.

That’s how Pascio describes the Stoic Life Journal.

Anchoring on the known benefits of journaling combined with the 5 Stoic Methods, this template helps:

  • Calm and clear your mind
  • Make decisions more objectively
  • Embrace the events in your life

I’ve journaled in Notion for the last few years and I started a list of my favorite Notion journal templates if you want to look at other options.

It includes:

  • Journal Dashboard
  • Personal phrase collection
  • Unlimited journal entries
  • Easy sorting and storage, and more

The Relationship Journal

Notion Relationship Journal Template

The Relationship Journal is a clean anbd beautiful Notion template that helps you document your journey with your partner and develop an even stronger relationship.

This is a brand new Euphoria theme with neutral pastel colors and a fresh tile-design that is suited for viewing in both light and dark mode.


  • Customize your ready-made relationship dashboard
  • Document your discussions and upcoming plans
  • Create your own photo albums
  • Set goals and hold each other accountable to them
  • Track important dates and milestones in your lives
  • Share your love for music through joint Spotify playlists
  • Maintain a timer of how long you’ve been together
  • Maintain a world clock, weather widgets for when you’re apart
  • Maintain principles and protocols that guide you
  • Write down your travel wishlists
  • Note down your Netflix watch lists and reading lists

Daily Journal

Notion Journal Template

Author: Nick Lafferty

Bullet Journal

Notion Bullet Journal

Author: Nick Lafferty

Health & Wellness Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Health & Wellness Notion Templates. Find more at the link below.

Notion Health and Wellness Templates

Notion Health Hub

Notion Health Hub

Author: Pascio

Managing your health can be a real hassle unless you’ve got a system for it.

Do you know how much water you drank yesterday? How many calories you’ve eaten this morning?

Sure you can try to track, but where would you do it? Probably in an old notebook or on a piece of paper, right?

Well, that doesn’t work long-term. What if there was a way to store, input, track and monitor all that information digitally?

This is where Health Hub comes in. Learn more at the link below.

Notion Workout Tracker

Notion Workout Tracker

Author: Stefan Imhoff

Notion Health Bundle

A bundle of Notion Health templates, designed to help the dedicated Health practitioner live easier, better, and healthier.

What’s inside? Health Hub OS

Complete Health Operating System including intuitive dashboard as well as more than 15+ different templates and 10+ trackers designed for a healthier life.

Sobriety Hub

A complete addiction management dashboard that not only helps you get sober, but stay sober. You can track progress, set milestones, count days and even journal, right at the touch of your fingertips.

Transformation Board A dashboard made to help you achieve your goals in just one year. Imagine goal-setting simplified in an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard

Notion Sobriety Hub

Notion Sobriety Hub

Author: Pascio

New Years Resolution Board

Easlo Notion New Years Resolution Board

Author: Easlo

Business & Startup Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Business & Startup Notion Templates. Find more at the link below.

Notion Business and Startup Templates

Notion Business Hub

Notion Business Hub Template Screenshot

Your Business Hub, entirely in Notion.

One place for Everything in your Business.

Tired of cobbling together multiple apps to form your Business? Me too. Business Hub lets you capture and organize everything inside of Notion - turning it into an all-in-one workspace.

Business Hub is the most advanced business & startup Notion template that helps you manage every aspect of your SaaS product, Digital product, Startup, and in general your online business.

Don’t miss my longer list of business Notion templates.

Mint OS : Project Management Notion Template

Mint OS Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Deepak Vadav

MintOS is the ultimate project management tool for small businesses and freelancers.

It streamlines workflow, manages clients and projects efficiently, and improves communication with your team. With MintOS, managing your projects will be a breeze.

Don’t let project management stress you out any longer.

Get your hands on our template and start enjoying the benefits of a well-organized, efficient, and successful project management system today!

CRM + Invoice Notion Tracker

Notion CRM and Invoice Templates

The Ultimate CRM and Invoice tracking solution.

With this Notion template, managing your customer relationships and tracking your invoices has never been easier.

Say goodbye to the stress of administrative tasks and hello to a more efficient, streamlined business.

Try our template today and see the difference it can make in your business!

Notion Small Business Kit

Notion Small Business Template Screenshot

Your ultimate guide and management tool to help you start and manage your small business.

In this Notion Small Business Kit you will find everything you need to know and have as a successful small business owner.

So you are looking for the easiest way to start or manage your small business.

Well, this kit is designed exactly for you.

No matter if your business is online or offline, e-commerce or service provider agency you will find this kit extremely beneficial.

This guide will help you to start/manage your entire small business.

Notion Enterprise OS

Notion Enterprise OS Template Screenshot

👉 Enterprise OS is an all-inclusive Notion-based company management system, guaranteed to streamline your business and save hours daily!

It includes:

👉 Enterprise OS is an all-inclusive Notion-based company management system, guaranteed to streamline your business and save hours daily!

It includes:

Main Hub

  • Task Dashboard: Based on business best practices & leading productivity frameworks.
  • Project Roadmap: Stay on top of all parallel projects. Juggle deadlines like a pro.

📃 Plans

🏦 Company Wiki

📢 Marketing & Strategy

💰 Financials

🎁 Bonus Content:

The Enterprise OS has everything you need to run your business.

Try it today.

Notion Side Hustle OS Template

Notion Side Hustle Business Template

Explore a list of 60+ most popular side hustles.

Start making side income finding the best side hustle for You.

This Side Hustle OS has everything you need to know and have to start a successful side hustle.

If you’ve been looking for a Notion template to start making additional income, you’re in the right place.

One of the best ways to increase your income is by getting into a side hustle. But, if you don’t know what to do or don’t have time, don’t worry.

The Notion Side Hustle OS template is like a starter kit that helps you find ideas and manage all your side hustle daily things in one place. With this template, you’ll have a nice and productive system to manage and grow your side hustle.

Also, an access to lists of the best tools and links. This whole Notion Side Hustle OS will be the one-time purchase that brings you clarity and actionable steps to your side hustle growth.

Weekly Agenda Template

Notion Weekly Agenda

Author: Marie Poulin

Company Wiki Notion Template

Notion Company Wiki Templat

Author: Red Gregory

Sponsor: is project management software that will actually make you more productive.

Employee Hiring System

Notion Hiring Template

Author: Red Gregory

Invoice Template

Notion Invoice Templat

Author: Red Gregory

Notion OKR Template

Notion OKR Template

Author: Easlo

OKRs is a popular framework to keep track of your priorities and goals in Notion.

Set up your personal or company OKRs dashboard in minutes.

Content Creator Notion Templates

This is a short preview of my complete list of Content Creator & Social Media Notion Templates. Find more at the link below.

Social Media and Content Creator Notion Templates

Content Creation Hub

Content Creation Hub Notion Template Bundle

Author: Atul Anand

Manage all parts of your Content Creation in Notion.

This template hub helps creators like you curate, create, manage, publish, and repurpose ideas as effectively as possible.

Over 300+ creators are already using this Notion Workspace.

Never start your content from scratch again.

Content Creation Hub is integrated with systems that help you curate content from anywhere on the internet and create your ideas and notes.

And all this can be easily used as an inspiration for your creative projects.

Grab it at the link below.

Product Launch OS 🚀

Product Launch OS Screenshot

Author: Deepak Vadav

Get the most powerful bundle of practical launch strategies, 1000+ resources, and iconic design templates to ensure that you always have the most efficient product launch.

This strategy kit has been tested and proven 100+ times, along with templates for all your future product launches.

Our kit will help you lay the groundwork for a smooth product launch throughout all the important stages to capture all the aspects for a successful product launch.

  • Pre Launch:Get access to multiple tried and tested templates of strategies that you can put to work.
  • Launch: Get to implement the planned launch strategy by splitting your tasks with your team.
  • Mid-Launch: Keep control of the momentum of your launch by scheduling the launch distribution.
  • Post Launch: Get to turn your supporters into loyal customers who start paying for your product.

Notion Freelancer Board

Notion Freelancer Board Template

Author: Solt Wagner

Boost Your Freelance Business with this All-in-One Notion Template for Project Management, Task Manager, Finance Tracker, Meetings and CRM!

This Freelancer Board Notion Template is the perfect solution for freelancers looking to streamline their work processes and stay organized. It includes a comprehensive set of tools to help manage your projects, tasks, finances, clients, and meetings with ease.

All in one tool to your Freelance Business ✔ Project Management ✔ CRM ✔ Finance Tracker ✔ Finance Reports ✔ Clients manager ✔ To-do list ✔ Meetings ✔ and much more

Notion Social Content Planner

Notion Social Content Planner Template by Solt

Author: Solt Wagner

Boost your Social Media Content easy with this Planner.

This social media content planner template is a powerful tool for managing and organizing your social media presence. With a sleek and intuitive design, this template makes it easy to plan, schedule, and track your content across all of your social media platforms.

Whether you’re a marketing professional or a small business owner, this template will help you streamline your social media strategy and increase your online reach.

The template includes sections for defining your target audience, setting your content goals, brainstorming ideas, and tracking performance metrics. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this template is the perfect solution for anyone looking to maximize their social media impact.

Misc Notion Templates

This is a list of templates that didn't fit in any other section.

Ultimate Notion Travel Dashboard

Notion Ultimate Travel Dashboard

The Ultimate Travel Dashboard for Notion is a feature-rich, all-in-one template to track everything related to your travels. This is one of our most robust templates to date, built by seasoned travelers who don’t skip the details.

🕹 Centralize your travel with an all-in-one travel dashboard to see all of your trips at a glance, along with everything else listed below

🌏 Main trip database to tag each trip by status, date range, trip type, and country – along with a countdown to the trip

Airbnb + Property Rental Dashboard

Airbnb Notion Template

Author: Go Limitless

See my list of the best Airbnb Notion Templates for more of these.

Airbnb Super Pack

Airbnb Super Pack Screenshot

Author: Notionologia

A Notion Tool to manage your Airbnb like a pro.

Get rid of expensive software, Airbnb Super Pack is a Notion template built for Airbnb hosts.

You will have everything in a very effective management space: bookings, calendar events, supplies checklists, and many more. All in one place.

**Why this template? ** There are amazing tools to manage your rentals in the market, however, these options have three problems:

  1. They are usually expensive
  2. You have to pay monthly
  3. They limit the rentals you can manage.

With this Notion Template you’ll only have to pay once, you can manage unlimited rentals and you’ll obtain an all-in-one management space. Save time, save money and guarantee your guests the best Airbnb experience.

Notion Book Tracker

Notion Book Tracker Screenshot

Author: Easlo

My Home Improvement Tracker Template

Notion House Planner Template

Track everything important with your house in one template. Perfect for first-time homeowners!

Features: 💸Track finances

💵 Record offers and bids from contractors

📄 Important documents filing cabinet

🔨Renovations and reno schedule

✔ To-dos

✈ Vacation checklist

Gamification Project

Notion Gamification Project

Author: Conrad Lin

Crochet All Day Notion Template

Crochet Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Crafty Cody

My wife made this template to keep track of her crochet projects!

Crochet All Day is a Notion template for crochet lovers. Organize your favorite patterns, plan your next project, and build an inspiration board.

🧵Project tracker to plan your upcoming, in progress, and finished crochet projects.

🧶 Yarn tracker to keep track of your skeins, their weights, colors, and fibers. Give them ratings so you can easily find your favorite yarn, or avoid yarn you had a bad experience with.

❤️ Pattern tracker to store all your favorite patterns and ideas!

✨ Wishlist to store any patterns you want to purchase in the future. I’m coming back for you, cute Minnie Mouse pattern.

Notion Document Library

Notion Document Library Screenshot

Author: Farah

Keep track of all your key documents, all in one place.

This template is an easy-to-use document tracker with the following features:

  • Organise documents chronologically.
  • Keep note of document dates.
  • Add a subject for each entry.
  • Rate relevance, allowing you to view four table views on the same database ( All, Relevant, Not Relevant, and Unsure table views).
  • Summarise and comment on each entry.
  • Attach documents to the table for straightforward access.

Notion Trip Planner

Notion Trip Planner Template

Author: Bodoboal

A trip planner so good you’ll never travel without it again!

Add, organize and map your itineraries in a notion template designed for vacations, road trips, and more.

Whether it’s a local trip alone, a family holiday, or a getaway with your friends, this trip planner is all you’ll need to get things sorted.

From adding a trip to creating dream tips to mapping out your entire day, is there anything it can’t help with? Take a look:

The Perfect Dream Trip: After you’ve decided on the country/city to visit, you can easily set up the destination in the template to keep it separate and organized from other trips you’ve taken.

Share with Friends: Share your plan for the entire trip – sunsets to see, beaches to unwind on, funfairs to attend, narrow streets to explore, food to eat – so everyone in the group knows what’s coming next.

Planning Your Visits: You can now plan your visits by day, meaning each day can be mapped out within the same category for keeping things neat.

Calculate Expenses: Whether you’re trying to sketch things out beforehand or continue to do so during the trip, the expenses calculator is a fine addition that’ll help you keep track of your expenses.

Checklist of Items: Forgot your good ‘ol fur jacket on your trip to the North the last time? Never again. The checklist option allows you to write any and every item or document you should bring along.

Get the Trip Planner template today.

Entertainment Tracker

Notion Entertainment Tracker

Author: Bodoboal

Entertainment Tracker – Track Movies, Series, Quotes, Podcast, Books

Let’s face it, in this day and age, getting through all the movies you want to watch, the podcasts you want to listen to, and the books you want to read, requires planning of military precision.

And with only so many waking hours a day, the last thing you want is to repeat the same content you already consumed once.

That’s why you need our Entertainment Tracker.

This small, nifty template lets you keep track of the 3 things you love: watching, listening, and reading. Here’s how it does it so efficiently!


Where can I get Notion templates for free?

You can get Notion templates for free at or on the Notion template gallery.

What are the different types of Notion templates?

The different types of Notion templates are:

Do people pay for Notion templates?

Yes! The average price for a high quality Notion template is $19 but they can be as low as $1 or as high as $200 for a complete bundle of hundreds of templates.

Yes, Notion allows and encourages their community to make and sell Notion templates.

How can I start selling Notion templates?

You can start selling Notion temlates by following my guide that walks you through each step of idea, template creation, how much to charge, where to sell it, and how to market it.

How much can you make selling Notion templates?

The top Notion template creators make $10,000+ each month selling Notion templates. Average creators make several hundred dollars each month.

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