32 Beautiful & Free Notion Templates [2022]

Free Notion Templates

The Notion template gallery is a great repository for pre-built, beautiful templates, but I wanted to curate a list of free Notion templates that inspire me.

I’ve created a list of templates for students, personal finance, work, productivity, and more. Each is categorized by section with a free download link and proper attribution to the creator.

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Notion Templates For Students

Student OS: The All-in-One Student Dashboard

Student OS Template Screenshot

Student OS is the ultimate all-in-one workspace for everything you need for your academic career, both in and out of the classroom.

It brings together 15+ integrated templates into a centralized dashboard, including:

  • Robust class pages
  • Assignments and deliverable tracking
  • Semester planning
  • Built-in grade calculations
  • A digital notebook using the Cornell note-taking system
  • Job and school application hubs
  • Extracurricular tracking and more

Available in both an aesthetic and minimalist theme.

Monday.com homepage screenshot

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monday.com helps students and teams stay organized, track projects, and create and share documents.

The Ultimate Life Planner

The Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template

The Ultimate Life Planner is one place to manage everything in your life entirely in Notion.

It brings tasks, notes, plans, health, plant care, travel plans, finance, and more together in your favorite tool.

Here’s a snapshot of what it covers:

  • Dashboard
  • Monthly planner
  • Personal & work daily planners
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookshelf & reading list
  • Workout
  • Plant care
  • Trip planner

The Ultimate Life Planner is $19.

1. Modern & Aesthetic Student Template

Modern & Aesthetic Student Template Screenshot

I custom built the perfect template for students start their semester organized and on-top of everything school will throw at them.

🎉 Start your semester off right This template is an all-in-one workspace with everything you need to stay organized and on top of your school work. It’s built with a modern and pleasing design so keeping track of your tasks is both fun and easy.

🕹️Semester Tracker  Start by adding your current semester and your classes in a centralized database.

🎒Class Tracker  Add details such as class location, professor, location, schedule, and more. Everything is connected with other databases in the template.

2. College Hub

Notion University Template

3. Course Plan

Notion Study Space Template

4. Spaced Repetition

Notion Spaced Repetition Template

Author: Brandon Zhang

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5. The Ultimate Habit Dashboard

Ultimate Habit Dashboard

Author: Gridfiti

6. Campus Life Organizer

Notion Campus Life Template

Author: Will Ma

Stoic Life Journal ($15)

Stoic Life Journal Screenshot

Author: Pascio

A life journal made to bring more insight and clarity to your life by journaling the stoic way.

That’s how Pascio describes the Stoic Life Journal.

Anchoring on the known benefits of journaling combined with the 5 Stoic Methods, this template helps:

  • Calm and clear your mind
  • Make decisions more objectively
  • Embrace the events in your life

I’ve journaled in Notion for the last few years and I started a list of my favorite Notion journal templates if you want to look at other options.

It includes:

  • Journal Dashboard
  • Personal phrase collection
  • Unlimited journal entries
  • Easy sorting and storage, and more

8. Crochet All Day Notion Template

Crochet Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Crafty Cody

My wife made this template to keep track of her crochet projects!

Crochet All Day is a Notion template for crochet lovers. Organize your favorite patterns, plan your next project, and build an inspiration board.

🧵Project tracker to plan your upcoming, in progress, and finished crochet projects.

🧶 Yarn tracker to keep track of your skeins, their weights, colors, and fibers. Give them ratings so you can easily find your favorite yarn, or avoid yarn you had a bad experience with.

❤️ Pattern tracker to store all your favorite patterns and ideas!

✨ Wishlist to store any patterns you want to purchase in the future. I’m coming back for you, cute Minnie Mouse pattern.

Ultimate Template Bundle

Gridfiti Ultimate Notion Template Bundle

I’ve partnered with Gridfiti to offer their Ultimate Notion Templae Bundle for a discounted rate.

Get 13 templates, worth $139, for a discounted rate of $59.

The Ultimate Bundle includes:

📔 The Ultimate Planner Dashboard

🎯 The Ultimate Goals Dashboard

🔄 The Ultimate Habit Tracker

🏫 Student OS: All-in-One Dashboard

And 9 more high-quality templates.

There’s no better way to jump start your personal Notion workspace.

Notion Productivity Templates

9. Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker

Author: Nick Lafferty

10. The Ultimate Goals Dashboard

Notion Personal Planner

Author: Gridfitti

11. Minimal Dashboard

Notion Minimal Dashboard

Author: Maas Lalani and Darshil

12. Gamifcation Project

Notion Gamification Project

Author: Conrad Lin

13. All-in-One Database

Notion All-in-One Template

Author: Unknown

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14. Productivity System

Notion Productivity Template

Author: Zoe Chew

15. Portfolio Tracker

Notion Portfolio Tracker

Author: Zoe Chew

Notion Personal Templates

16. Kanban Board

Notion Kanban Template

Author: Nick Lafferty

17. Ultimate Notion Travel Dashboard

Notion Life Wiki

Author: Gridfitti

18. Book Reading Tracker

Author: Zoe Chew

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19. Workout Tracker

Notion Workout Tracker

Author: Stefan Imhoff

20. Resume Template

Notion Resume Template

Author: Curtis Smith

21. CRM Template

Notion CRM Template

Author: Notion.Courses

22. Meal Planner

Notion Meal Planning Templat

Author: Notion Team

23. Notion Plant Tracker

Notion House Plan Template

Author: Crafty Cody

24. Daily Journal

Notion Journal Template

Author: Nick Lafferty

25. Bullet Journal

Notion Bullet Journal

Author: Nick Lafferty

Notion Templates For Personal Finance

26. Finance Tracker

Notion Finance Template

Author: Zoe Chew

27. Budget Tracker

Notion Budget Tracker Templat

Author: Benjamin Gowers

28. Personal Budget

Notion Budget Template

Author: Red Gregory

Notion Templates For Work

29. Ultimate Planner Dashboard

Notion Mood Board

Author: Gridfitti

30. Weekly Agenda

Notion Weekly Agenda

Author: Marie Poulin

31. Company Wiki

Notion Company Wiki Templat

Author: Red Gregory

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32. Employee Hiring System

Notion Hiring Template

Author: Red Gregory

33. Invoice Template

Notion Invoice Templat

Author: Red Gregory

Aesthetic Notion Templates

34. Aesthetic Homepage Template

Aesthetic Homepage Template Author: Reddit User StarryAmbrosia

35. Aesthetic High School Template

Aesthetic Student Template Author: Reddit User izzybee____

36. Aesthetic Student Planner

Aesthetic Student Planner Author: EllasTemplates

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