Template Titans | A Notion Creator Interview Series

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I’ve been a heavy Notion user after first discovering it in 2019.

I’ve published a list of my favorite Free Notion Templates here on my blog that hundreds of thousands of people have found via Google Search.

Now I’m taking it to the next level by interviewing my favorite Notion template creators.

The template economy for Notion is huge.

Creators are making over $300,000 selling Notion templates and the #notion community on Twitter is thriving.

I work with many creators as I feature them on my blog, so why not talk to them so everyone can continue learning from the best?

Template Titans is available on the following platforms:

Episode 4: The Biggest Notion Creator in India Shares His Secrets to $25k in Sales

Episode links coming soon!

Today’s guest is Atul Anand – he’s the largest Notion creator from India and has made over $25,000 selling Notion templates (he corrected me during the show, I thought he only sold $10k! 😅). He recently started a Twitter ghostwriting business that brought in $35k in the first month.

We talk about:

  • Atul’s Background & Notion Success
  • Pivoting into Notion consulting
  • How Atul finds new clients
  • Twitter ghostwriting
  • Nick’s SEO advice for blog posts

Episode 3: How A Notion Youtuber Made $10,000 Selling Templates

Today’s guest is Chris from the Chris’s Notion – he’s a Notion Youtuber that has over 8,000 subscribers. Today Chris spills the secrets on how he’s used Youtube to sell over $10,000 of Notion templates.

He has an entire series on how to use Notion AI and his channel is a great source of Notion knowledge both for myself and other creators. Right before I talked with Chris, I interviewed another Notion creator who mentioned he was inspired by Chris' videos.

We talk about his process for creating Notion templates, why he outsources the actual editing of his Youtube videos, dealing with haters, and what are the best channels for Notion creators to market their templates.

Episode 2: How to make $2,000 selling Notion templates to teachers

Today’s guest is Milo from the Notion4Teachers – he’s a content coordinator for 12 English Academies across South Korea where he’s been living for the last 5 years. His best selling template is EM Studio Pro, an education management template suite for teachers that includes:

  • Lesson planner
  • Student tracker
  • Classroom manager, and more

Milo unpacks the secret to selling over $2,000 of Notion templates, Twitter growth, and how to stand out as a Notion creator.

Episode 1: How An Accountant Made $1,000+ Selling Notion Templates

Today’s guest is Sanat from the The Accountant Guy – he’s a chartered accountant who fell in love with Notion and has made over $1,000 selling Notion templates.

He started creating finance and budget templates and is now building a complete bookkeeping system in Notion.

I’ve been working with him over the past few months to list his templates on my website, NickLafferty.com, and he’s written a guest post about how he uses Notion as an accountant.