11 Finance & Budget Notion Templates [Free & Paid]

Finance & Budget Notion Templates

The beautiful thing about Notion is that it can do almost everything.

This is a list of my favorite free and paid budget and personal finance templates for Notion.

If you want even more Notion resources, don’t miss my huge list of free notion templates.

I’ve also curated the best aesthetic notion templates, created my own notion habit tracking template, and a built a custom notion journal template.

Now onto the budget templates.

Notion Finance & Budget Templates

Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard

Personal Finance Dashboard

This template has:

🌳 Income Tracker by Category – track several income streams (salary, investments, side hustles, and more), attach paystubs, invoices, and more

💸 Expense Tracker – track by several pre-built categories, emoji sentiment, date, attach receipts

🧾 Budget Status Tracker – set your monthly budget per category and see where you’re at by monthly average (automatically pulls from the dashboard expense tracker!)

💳 Recap of top income by streams, and top spending by category – by monthly average or all-time stats. See where you’re making and spending the most!

My Monthly Budget Notion Template

Nick’s Monthly Budget Tracker Screenshot

This is a custom-built monthly budget my wife and I made.

It helps track:

  • Accounts
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Goals

And best of all, it’s free.

Notion Expense Tracker

Easlo Expense Tracker Screenshot Notion

Author: Easlo

Budget Tracker

Notion Budget Tracker Templat

Author: Benjamin Gowers

Notion Finance Tracker

Easlo Finance Tracker Screenshot Notion

Author: Easlo

The Ultimate Life Planner

The Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template

The Ultimate Life Planner is one place to manage everything in your life entirely in Notion.

It brings tasks, notes, plans, health, plant care, travel plans, finance, and more together in your favorite tool.

Here’s a snapshot of what it covers:

  • Dashboard
  • Monthly planner
  • Personal & work daily planners
  • Bookmarks
  • Budget & Finance Planners

Ultimate Finance Tracker

Easlo Ultimate Finance Tracker

Author: Easlo

Invoice Template

Notion Invoice Templat

Author: Red Gregory

Notion Subscription Tracker

Easlo Notion Subscription Tracker

Author: Easlo

Personal Budget

Notion Budget Template

Author: Red Gregory

Limitless - Personal Finance Tracker

Limitless Personal Finance Notion Template

Author: Sonaal

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