How to use your gaming mouse side buttons on a mac.

Fast Answer: Simple Side Buttons

Long Answer

I started a new job recently and I’m a fully remote employee. For the first few weeks I was getting by with just my laptop and the trackpad, but I finally decided to upgrade my working from home setup. I have a nice ultrawide monitor and gaming mouse, a Razer DeathAdder, that I wanted to take advantage of.

I hooked my mouse up to my Mac and realized the side buttons aren’t natively supported at all. I guess because Mac Mice don’t have standard side buttons, they’re just kind of squeezeable. I use the side buttons heavily when I’m web browsing as a back button, and I didn’t want to go without that feature.

Some Googling later and I found a super easy solution to my problem that just works. Enter Simple Side Buttons

It’s free, open source, and just works.