The Cozy Life Dashboard Notion Template

Cozy Life Dashboard Screenshot

Introducing the Cozy Life Dashboard, an aesthetic Notion template to track your habits, favorite movies, life goals, classes, and more.

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Here’s an overview of the template’s quirks and features:

What is the Cozy life Dashboard?

Cozy Dash Home screenshot

This is a complete dashboard to organize your life.

The Cozy Life Dashboard is a robust and cozy life dashboard to help people keep track of the day-to-day.

It includes:

  • A habit tracker
  • A budget & finance tracker
  • Recipe book & meal planner
  • Greenhouse for your plants
  • Trip planner
  • Journal
  • Goal tracker
  • and more

Newly updated in May 2023 to include the brand new Notion buttons feature in the Habit Tracker section.

What’s a Notion dashboard exactly?

Cozy Budget Screenshot

A dashboard is quite a bit heftier than a normal template.

It’s a one-stop shop for anything you want to write down, document, track, etc.

They usually also have a fun theme that runs throughout the entire dashboard making the design cohesive and pleasing.

Most dashboards have journals, budgeting help, and habit trackers, but there is typically tons more included! 😄

What’s included in this dashboard


Cozy Habit Tracker Screenshot

Life can feel absolutely overwhelming sometimes. Notion is a great tool to help keep the day-to-day grind in check and keep you in control.

  • Space for small and big goals
  • Recipe book and meal prep
  • Budget tracker to see where your money goes
  • Habit Tracker
  • Travel Planner - a no-nonsense travel planner with a simple itinerary and date tracking
  • Filing cabinet for important documents
  • Contact book


Cozy Movie Tracker

It’s important to remember to kick back and relax!

  • Personal Journal to write your musings
  • Watch List for TV and Movies with currently watching list
  • Reading List that includes book tally + completed books section
  • Greenhouse to track indoor + outdoor plants (sun, water, etc.)


Cozy Spotify Image

  • Spotify playlist integration - listen to included lo-fi beats or add your own curated playlist
  • Calendar for appointments and events
  • Mini daily planner and affirmations

Wrapping Up

The Cozy Life is the best template I’ve ever made.

I hope it serves you well as you start living your best Cozy life.

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