7+ Travel Notion Templates [Inspiration, Organization, Planning]

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It sounds cliche but traveling will change your life.

I’ve personally traveled to some amazing places that have transformed how I see the world.

But planning your next adventure can be chaotic.

How do you organize your flights, accommodations, other transportation, and important sights to see while you’re there?

You’re spending tons of money – you should make the most of it!

That’s where these Notion templates for travel come in.

Other people have put the time in to make the best templates for you to plan and organize your next adventure.

So instead of starting with a blank Notion page, use these templates to start the fun part: planning your trip!

Best Notion Travel Templates

The Ultimate Travel Dashboard

Gridfiti Travel Dashboard

Author: Gridfiti

The Ultimate Travel Dashboard for Notion is a feature-rich, all-in-one template to track everything related to your travels.

This is one of our most robust templates to date, built by seasoned travelers who don’t skip the details.

🕹 Centralize your travel with an all-in-one travel dashboard to see all of your trips at a glance, along with everything else listed below

🌏 Main trip database to tag each trip by status, date range, trip type, and country – along with a countdown to the trip

🗺 In-depth trip planner template to build a robust itinerary with interconnected neighborhood, attractions, food and drink recommendations, and shops databases – everything is linked in the back-end!

Travel Dashboard by Selida

Travel Dashboard by Selida Screenshot

The Travel Dashboard is a complete solution for planning trips.

Keeping track of everywhere you want to go, why, when and how much can be a challenge.

Use this template to break your trips into countries, activities and accommodations.

What’s included in the template?

  • 4 critical databases | Trips, countries, activities and accommodation. We’ve got you covered.
  • Multiple database views | All databases have gallery views for aesthetic viewing, calendar views for planning and table views for easy editing
  • Dashboard | Track your trips and all your saved items through a simple dashboard
  • and more!

Travelo: The Notion Travel Planner

Travelo Notion Template

Author: Deepak Vadav

Your story will never run out of pages ever.

Get ready to take travel planning to the next level with Notion.

Travelo helps you to turn your travel bucket list into a bulletproof action plan and help you manage all your adventures in single common workspace.

It organizes your bucket lists from scratch and helps you to convert them into the most cherishable memory.

It will be the most valuable asset to your existing notion workspace if you a traveller or someone who is looking to explore more of this world.

Ultimate Travel Dashboard by Easlo

Easlo Travel Dashboard

Author: Easlo

Plan your next travel better with Notion

Organize and keep track of your destinations, itinerary, and expenses for a better travel experience.

Basic Version: Travel Planner

  • The basic planner is designed for those focusing on a singular journey.
  • Plan an itinerary for a single trip

Advanced Version: Ultimate Travel Dashboard:

All-in-one Travel Companion: Designed for the frequent explorer, our ultimate dashboard lets you plan and manage unlimited trips all in one place. But we didn’t stop there.

  • Plan unlimited trips and itineraries
  • Track your travel expenses for every trip
  • Log your travel reflection in your journal
  • Collect travel essentials and items
  • Navigation sidebar and action buttons

Travel Bucket List Notion Template

Notion Travel Bucket list Template Screenshot

Author: The Notion Bar

Track how much of the world you’ve explored.

Create a bucket list of your dream destinations.

Plan & budget future trips with the trip planner template.

Want to get the best out of this template? Book a 30 minute coaching call 🧨

Notion Ultimate Travel Planner

Notion Avenue Travel Planner

Author: Notion Avenue

Introducing the ultimate travel companion: the Notion Travel Planner.

With this comprehensive trip planning template, you can effortlessly organize all aspects of your travels, from flight information and accommodations to attractions and dining options.

The customizable, pre-built trip template allows you to create a new page with a single click, including sections for documents, itinerary, budget, packing list, accommodation, areas, attractions, food and drink, transportation, and shops and dining options.

One standout feature of the Notion travel planner is the ability to set both a daily budget and an overall trip budget, allowing you to track your spending and ensure you stay within your means.

Plus, with the clothing packing list feature, you can easily create a packing list specific to your travel needs and check off items as you pack, ensuring you never forget essential items.

Also use the outfit planner to plan what you are going to wear during your next adventure!

Travel OS

Notion Travel OS

Author: NotesbyHugh

Are you tired of planning your travel itineraries with spreadsheets and email threads?

With the Notion Travel Dashboard, you can bring clarity to the chaos of travelling.

You’re guaranteed to face hurdles on any travel and in my experience, the consistent problem was not a cultural barrier or language issue but always the documents!

Always scrambling to find the ticket or booking reservation, always scrolling through messenger to find the recommended cafe, restaurant or bar from friends, and always jumping between the spreadsheets or apps I used to track who paid for what.

Forget spreadsheets, e-mails, booking sites and a dozen documents cluttering your hard drives or limited cloud storage.

The Notion Travel Dashboard helps you plan, research and organise your trip - so you can track everything in one place and move from clutter to clarity.

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