Beginner's Guide To Selling Notion Templates [Updated August 2023]

How To Sell Notion Templates

There are two ways to make money with Notion templates:

  1. Sell your own templates
  2. Sell someone else’s templates

I’ve done both and it’s easier than you think.

I’ve been doing it for the last 12 months and I’ve sold over $80,000 of Notion templates.

Screenshot of $15000 in Notion Template Sales

Screenshot #2 of $15000 in Notion Template Sales

I’m building a course to teach you exactly how I built my Notion affiliate business.

And you can start with my free list of 30+ Notion template creators that accept affiliates.

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If you want to create and sell Notion templates then you should listen to Easlo.

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Easlo put together the most comprehensive guide on how to make money selling Notion templates I’ve ever seen.

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But if you don’t want to pay for a guide you can follow my instructions below.

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What Good Notion Templates Look Like

Life OS Screenshot

Here’s an example of a top-tier Notion template that sells for $60.

The Life OS is the ultimate all-in-one planner for every aspect of someone’s life.

It has over 25 interconnected templates and a live and dynamic homepage dashboard.

The magic of this template is that every page is integrated together.

It includes sections for:

  • ✅ Planner & To-Dos
  • 🔄 Daily Routines & Habit Tracker
  • ✍️ Journal & Mood Tracker
  • 🎯 Goal-Setting
  • 💰 Finances, Work, Meal planning, and a lot more

Your first template doesn’t have to be like this.

And honestly it shouldn’t be like this one at all.

This template is way too complicated for beginners.

Start small and work your way up to something more complicated.

Click the link below if you want to see more about it, or keep reading for my guide on how to sell Notion templates.

How To Sell Notion Templates

  1. Learn Notion inside and out
  2. Research popular template types
  3. Create your own template, or pay someone to create one
  4. Create a Gumroad account
  5. Add your templates to Gumroad
  6. Market your templates on social media
  7. Build an audience and repeat

Learn Notion

Notion Guide Webpage Screenshot

You can’t make and sell Notion templates without knowing the tool extremely well.

The easiest way to learn Notion is to use Notion. A lot.

Here are some of my favorite resources for learning.

Notion has curated a great set of guides to help get you started.

Thomas Frank also has a ton of resources, templates, and videos.

You can even become a Notion Ambassador if you have a passion for teaching the community.

The company I work for uses Notion, so I create a lot of Notion documents every week at work.

My company has thousands of Notion documents, and if I’m being honest it’s all a little unweieldy.

But I get to see how the 200 other people I work with create, maintain, structure, and design their Notion templates.

Each team has a hub that centralizes their team’s documents.

My team, the Marketing team, has hubs for Product Marketing, Growth Marketing (that’s me!), Communications, Brand, and Demand Generation.

Notion skills are becoming a must-have ability in the modern workplace, especially if you work in tech and SaaS like I do.

So whether you’re young or old, learning this tool can benefit you now and in the future.

And you honestly can’t skip this step. If you don’t know Notion, or you’re not secure in your knowledge, spend some time learning.

It’ll be worth it.

Etsy Notion Templates

Once you’ve beefed up your Notion skills, it’s time to research.

Look at popular Notion templates. Start bookmarking templates you like the style of and research the best Notion widgets to spice up to your templates.

Maybe you like more aesthetic Notion templates.

Here are a few places to start your research:

  1. Google
  2. TikTok
  3. Etsy
  4. Gumroad

There are some fantastic templates on Etsy and Gumroad is where most people sell their templates.

On Gumroad, go to their Discover section.

Gumroad Notion Templates

Search for Notion templates.

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Find a couple creators you vibe with and look at all their products on Gumroad.

Most creators have a ton of Notion templates for sale so you can get a good feel for what is working well for them.

While you’re there, most creators will include a link to become one of their affiliates.

Pascio Gumroad Affiliate Screenshot

Include a message with how and where you intend to promote their products.

You can keep it short, mine are often one or two sentences. I send them a link to my website and often ask to split the commission 50/50.

How to Create Notion Templates

Cozy Life Notion Dashboard Screenshot

I recommend buying or downloading several templates to understand what makes a good and bad template.

A good template is:

  • Good looking
  • Easy to understand
  • Seeded with basic content
  • Instructions on how to use it

Keep your user in mind when creating your template.

They’ll have no idea what your thought process was when building it, so you need to be as clear as possible.

I like using callouts or toggles to explain what a section is about.

Here’s a section on how to embed a Spotify playlist.

How to embed Spotify in Notion Screenshot

Someone with zero knowledge should be able to come in and understand how your template works.

When in doubt, over explain.

Create a Gumroad account

Gumroad Homepage Screenshot

Creating a Gumroad account is easy.

Gumroad is free for everyone and there is no monthly fee.

They only charge a fee based on your sales. It starts at 9% and decreases based on your lifetime earnings on Gumroad.

Gumroad Pricing Screenshot

Affiliate income counts as earnings, and you don’t get charged a fee for earning it.

The first $500 I made on gumroad I kept 100% of it, they didn’t take their 9% fee.

It’s entirely possible to earn income without being subject to their fees, which is incredible.

Add your templates to Gumroad

Screenshot of my Gumroad store

Adding templates to your store is easy, but the more work you put in the nicer it’ll look.

If you look at the stores of popular Gumroad creators, you’ll notice that:

  • All of their products have a unifying product image
  • They have detailed product descriptions
  • They mention what is included
  • They include testimonials

Here’s an example from Pascio’s Sobriety Hub.

Notion Sobriety Hub Screenshot

Tip: Add emojis to your product descriptions

They’re an easy way to make bullet points stand out in a sea of text and paragraphs.

Make sure you’ve enabled ‘Share to web’ in your Notion document and ‘Allow duplicate as template’ is checked!

Launching Templates

Everyone has a different strategy for launching templates.

This is an area you’ll need to experiment with to find what works for you.

It depends on if you have an existing audience, email list, blog, or access to a community or not.

But here are some tips:

  • Build and share things in public (post on Twitter)
  • Join Notion communities and share things for free (add value)
  • Follow other creators and engage in the community
  • Look at Product Hunt launches

Here’s my strategy:

  • Build a blog (this took years)
  • Advertise templates
  • Use Gumroad to collect emails
  • Build an email marketing strategy

There’s no one way to do this. What works for me will be different than what works for you.

Try and try again until you figure it out.

Frequent Questions

Can you actually make money selling Notion templates?

Yes, absolutely. Easlo, the largest Notion template creator, has made over $500,000 selling Notion templates. I’ve interviewed many Notion creators on my podcast, Template Titans, and they average between $1,000 and $3,000/month by selling templates.

What if I don’t have a big social media following?

You don’t need a big social media following. I don’t have one.

But what you do need is a desire to build an audience online. It can be a blog, an email list, or a podcast.

My best tip is to start something and be consistent with it.

If you want a social media following, start posting on social media.

Search #notion hashtags, find other creators, and start messaging them.

Engage with the existing community and start making a name for yourself.

What if I’m not good at marketing?

Good news: no one is born with infinite knowledge.

Everyone you’ve ever met has learned how to do something the first time.

Starting your own business is the perfect time to learn new skills, including marketing.

It may seem overwhelming at first. You may feel behind other creators who are already successful.

It doesn’t matter. Everyone started from nothing.

And you can too.

Stop making excuses and try it.

What Notion templates should I make?

Here are my most popular templates:

Will people actually buy Notion Templates?

Yes. Easlo has made over $500,000 selling Notion templates.

There is a market for these and it’ll only get bigger as Notion continues to grow.

But what will set you apart from everyone else is experience and authority.

What do you know more about than anyone else?

Use that experience to create your own unique templates.

If you’re an accountant then make finance and budgeting templates.

If you’re a marketing professional then make templates to organize influencer brand deals.

Because Notion templates are frankly easy to create, the best way to make something unique is to position it behind your life experiences.

Why are you specifically qualified to make this?

Lean into that experience and you’ll have a lot of success.

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How much should I charge?

Most Notion templates sell between $1.99 to $19.99.

But they can sell for as much as $130, which is what Thomas Frank sells his templates for.

That’s a big range, but you also don’t have to charge at all.

But isn’t the point to make money?

Yes, absolutely. But consider giving your first few templates away for free.

This let’s you get feedback from your customers while collecting their email addresses.

So when you have a really amazing template or offer, you can email people who are already familiar with your products.

But consider giving your first templates away for free in exchange for collecting emails.

Gumroad makes this really easy.

Then you can email your customers when you launch your next product.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide on selling Notion templates was helpful.

If you make a template and want to feature it on my website, send me an email.

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