7+ Notion OKR Templates For Professionals [2023]

Notion OKR Templates
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OKRs are the most common goal-setting framework I’ve used in my 10+ year career working for high growth tech companies.

OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results and it’s a way of aligning your personal work to the overall company objectives.

OKRs work by setting Company Objectives, which then cascade down to Department objectives (.e.g marketing, engineering, etc) then down to Team and Personal objectives.

Your personal OKRs will support your team’s OKRs, which then support the department OKRs, and on up to the full company.

OKRs were popularized by Andrew Grove, the former CEO of Intel, in the 1970s. They eventually made their way to Google when Kleiner Perkins, a premier Venture Capital firm, invested in Google in 1999. Afterwards, John Doerr, a former intel manager, became an advisor to Google and introduced the framework.

Since then, OKRs have cascaded across and even outside the entire tech industry as a way of getting the entire company aligned to a set of goals.

But if you’re here then you know about the history of OKRs and you just want some templates.

So I’ll stop jabbering and get on with it.

Don’t miss my other templates:

Notion OKR Templates

Enjoy 7+ of the best Notion OKR templates I could find.

OKR Template by Easlo

Easlo OKR Template Screenshot

Author: Easlo

There are loads of free OKR templates but this premium one by Easlo stands head and shoulders over the rest.

A Notion template to easily track your objectives and key results (OKRs) for each quarter, gain valuable insights and foster collaboration with small teams.

Key Benefits:

  • Simplify goal tracking and keep your team aligned
  • Gain valuable insights by visualizing your progress
  • Foster collaboration and accountability with easy sharing

Unlock your potential and achieve your goals with our Notion OKR template. Start tracking your OKRs today and drive success.

OKR Template by ClickUp

ClickUP OKR Template

So look, this isn’t a Notion template.

But I’ve found that ClickUp excels at professional templates more than Notion.

I did a whole ClickUp vs Notion review if you want more info on that.

If you work on a team, particularly at a start-up, then you should seriously give ClickUp a shot.

Sign up for ClickUp at the link below and try their seriously good OKR template.

Buffer’s OKR Template

Buffer OKR Template Screenshot

With employees in 16 time zones, transparency is core to Buffer’s culture and operations, guiding how people work and collaborate.

Take a page from their Notion workspace and make your company, team, and individual goals accessible to everyone.

OKR Template by Whimsical

Whimsical OKR Template Screenshot

Whimsical is an online whiteboarding startup that I’ve personally used over the years to make quick diagrams and to visualize information in my dya job leading growth marketing.

This template is their exact OKR process whish is honestly really cool.

Some of the templates on this page are by Notion creators tht have never worked at a startup in their life, so it’s refreshing to see a real company publish their OKR process.

And it’s totally free – grab it below.

OKR Template by Chris

Chris OKR Template Screenshot

Here’s a simple and free OKR template and goal tracker.

Marketing Goals and OKRs by Notion

Notion Official OKR Template

This is the official Notion template for marketing goals and OKRs.

I’ve found the Notion templates to be great jumping off points to building and customizing your own templates.

And of course it’s free – try it out for your OKRs this quarter.

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