How To Use A Custom Domain With Notion [Easy & Free]

Notion Custom Domain Header Image

Let’s face it, Notion’s default URLs are ugly.

They end with an ugly string of numbers and letters like this:

Luckily there’s an easy way to fix this with a tool called Potion.

Potion is an easy to use website builder on top of Notion. Turn an existing Notion page into a fast website with a custom URL in seconds.

Adding A Notion Custom Domain

To add a custom domain you’ll need to use a 3rd party tool like Potion. Notion doesn’t natively support this.

If you don’t already own a custom domain, head over to and buy one from Google.

I’ll give you the quick answer below, but don’t miss my detailed walkthrough on using Potion to create a Notion website.

  1. Sign-up for Potion

  2. Click Add New Site

Potion Add Site Field

  1. Add a name, paste the public URL of your Notion page, and select a subdomain to use. This is what I chose.

My Potion Website Settings

  1. From there you get dropped into a website builder that updates automatically when your Notion page changes.

  2. Go into site settings, enable Use Custom Domain, and type in the URL you want to use

Potion DNS Info

  1. You can use either the root URL ( or a subdomain ( The choice is up to you.
  2. Click DNS Setup Info and add these records to your domain. You do this at your domain registar, which is if you bought a domain from them.

Potion Custom Domain Settings

  1. Click save, wait a few minutes for the records to propagate, and then navigate to your new custom domain!

Why add a custom domain to Notion?

There are many reasons why you’d want to use a custom domain with Notion. From looking more professional, to having a link that people can remember, to just avoiding Notion’s ugly default URLs.

I’ll get into each really quick.

Look more professional

Everyone can and should have a website these days. It’s an easy way to showcase your skills, writing, and knowledge.

And it’s super easy to build your own website with tools like Notion and Potion.

After I graduated college, I turned my website into a resume to show to prospective employers. I received positive feedback on my website during that time.

Now my website is a source of income for my family.

No one can remember Notion’s long URLs.

Using a custom domain gives you a short and memorable way to tell people about your presence.

I tell everyone to go to, not

Avoid an ugly URL

I’ve bemoaned Notion’s ugly urls a lot here. I’m sure there’s a technical reason they exist from a product standpoint.

But for people looking to have a professional presence on the web, they’re not ideal.

Wrapping Up

Using a custom domain with Notion is easy if you have the right tools.

There are clear advantages to it if you want to look more professional or have a memorable link to tell people about.

And the best part is you can build a website with a tool you’re already familiar with, Notion.

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