Introducing The 1 Word Email Newsletter

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I created a newsletter.

Wait, before you go. It’s different. Like, really different.

The premise is this: each email is only about one word.

That’s it.

How bad can a one-word newsletter really be?

I’ve promised not to track any of the normal email marketing stats. No open or click rate tracking.

Definitely no conversions. No selling. No affiliate marketing. No amazon links. No calls to action.

I won’t even check who’s subscribed to it. It’s very possible I send a newsletter to no one for weeks on end.

You can help, though.

Check out my 1 word newsletter. If it looks interesting then maybe give it a shot.

The very first one drops on Friday 2/21/2020. You could be there for the first word. The very first word!

How cool is that?

Well, I think it’s cool. Because I made it.

Really though, it’ll be great and totally different from any other newsletter you get right now.

So check it out, if you want.

Or don’t. We can still be friends.

Back to my regularly formatted and scheduled posts tomorrow.