11+ ADHD Notion Templates For Better Focus & Productivity

The Best Notion Templates for ADHD

If you struggle with ADHD then this is the perfect list for you.

These Notion templates offer a structured system to conquer those scattered thoughts and overwhelming challenges.

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to focus!

This post explores how popular ADHD Notion Templates can change your life.

They’re like supercharged boosters for your focus and productivity.

We’ll uncover the secrets behind these templates and show you how they empower you to manage tasks, goals, and projects like a pro. Whether you’re someone with ADHD looking for better strategies or just eager to maximize your efficiency, these templates have got your back.

So, get ready to unleash the full potential of organization, productivity, and success, tailored specifically for individuals with ADHD.

Best Notion Templates for ADHD

ADHD Life Planner

ADHD Life Planner

Imagine waking up every day feeling in control of your life, focused, and productive.

You feel confident in your ability to manage your finances, complete projects, and stick to healthy habits.

You no longer feel overwhelmed or like you’re constantly playing catch-up.

You have a sense of peace and satisfaction knowing that you’re living the life you want.

This Notion template is designed to help you achieve your dream life by providing you with an all-in-one life management system that is proven to work.

The ADHD Life Planner has helped countless people with ADHD transform their lives using our template, and we are confident that we can help you too.

Beginner [ADHD] Daily Dashboard Notion Template

ADHD Beginner Dashboard

Author: Braelyn

Notion can be overwhelming for a lot of ADHD folks, so that is why I created an all-in-one dashboard for you to start with. - Braelyn (template creator)

What’s Included:

  • Dashboard page: Get a clear and organized overview of your life, tasks, events, and accomplishments in one place.
  • Personal page: Track your personal tasks, habits, and goals more effectively, leading to better progress and productivity.
  • Work / Content page: Boost your creativity and performance with a task manager, pomodoro timer, Spotify playlists, and affirmations.
  • Home page: Stay on top of your home life with a task manager for home tasks, errands, and birthdays, plus lists like shopping, home links, and groceries.
  • **Calm working space: A distraction-free environment for working, including Spotify playlists, a pomodoro timer, affirmations, and work break activity suggestions. This can help increase your focus and efficiency.

Vision Board 2.0

Vision Board 2.0

The Vision Board is a customizable Notion Template that helps you focus on your dreams, vision, and goals.

It includes sections to organize your images, URLs, and quotes. Keep your inspirations in front of your eyes at all times.

Let the Universe do the rest!

Calm Study Space for ADHD

Calm Study Space Banner

Author: Braelyn

What’s Included:

  • A distraction-free environment for studying, including linked Spotify playlists, a pomodoro timer, affirmations, and study break activity suggestions. This can help increase your focus and efficiency.
  • Calculator and whiteboard widgets included.

Why is it ADHD friendly?

  • Built by an ADHD person, for ADHD people.
  • Using lots of colors, emojis, and images to make the template really pleasing on the eye, which gives extra dopamine!
  • List your current studying objectives so that you don’t forget what you’re working on.

ADHD Focus Planner

ADHD life planner 2

Tame your ADHD Brain with this ADHD Digital Planner.

The ADHD Focus Planner is a Notion Template backed by science (CBT and DBT) designed to cut through the noise and fix your focus.

With the Notion Template, you can organize your mind and life thank to six color-coded comprehensive sections, uniquely designed for how ADHD brains work.

With 30+ intuitive pages and tools and a full video tutorial included, you will unlock a flexible system to achieve your biggest goals.

Simple Vacation Packing List [ADHD]

ADHD Vacation Checklist

Author: Braelyn

What’s Included:

  • Three specialized packing lists tailored to different weather conditions, ensuring you have everything you need for hot, chilly, or cold weather without any guesswork.
  • Packing lists that cover all aspects of your travel essentials, including bathroom items, accessories, technology, health-related items, and miscellaneous items.
  • A user-friendly travel journal with included prompts, offering pre-filled journal questions for three trips. The journaling experience is designed to be hassle-free, catering to both busy travelers and those new to journaling.

Why is it ADHD friendly?

  • Built by an ADHD person, for ADHD people.
  • Using lots of colors, emojis, and images to make the template really pleasing on the eye, which gives extra dopamine!
  • Packing lists that are already created for you, so if you have difficulties making lists or thinking what to bring on trips, it has already been done for you.
  • Easy-to-use journal entries so you can remember what happened on your trip!

Home Maintenance & Improvements Notion Template [Limitless OS]

Notion Home Maintenance Tracker

Keep track of your home maintenance and improvements in this simple and free Notion template.

Perfect for people who are easily distracted, this template is one place to organize everything in one place.

What you can do:

  • Add new tasks
  • Create New Improvement Projects
  • Set Task place, type & status
  • Plan Your Improvement Projects
  • Plan Your Tasks

Databases Inside:

  • Home Tasks
  • Improvement Projects

Health + Therapy Tracker [ADHD] Notion Template

Health Therapy Notion Template for ADHD Banner

Author: Braelyn

What’s Included:

  • Appointment tracking: Keep a record of therapy and health appointments along with the ability to add notes, homework, resources, and any important information you want to share with your therapist or healthcare provider.
  • Chronic illness support: Specifically designed for individuals dealing with chronic illnesses, the tracker provides a dedicated section to manage health appointments, ensuring you have all relevant information in one place.
  • Task-oriented to-do list: Stay organized and on top of your health and therapy tasks with a customizable to-do list that helps you manage your priorities.

Skincare Diary | Aesthetic Notion Template Download

Noton Skincare Template for ADHD

An aesthetic & practical Notion skincare diary - for tech & beauty lovers alike!

During lockdown, my skin went crazy. I’ve been using this skin diary template to:

🧴 Upload products to my ‘beauty shelf’ & rate them

📋 Build my skincare routine using products from your beauty shelf

🤳🏾 See my skin’s progress, by uploading photos into your skin diary via the mobile app

💌 Share link on social media/ with family and friends when you get those “what’s your skin routine” questions!

10-Step Plan to Overcome ADHD

ADHD 10 Step Plan Template

Free 10-step Plan to Overcome ADHD Guide

Are you struggling with ADHD and looking for strategies to improve focus, concentration, and organization?

This Free 10-step Plan to Overcome ADHD Guide offers a range of strategies to help you manage your symptoms and live a fulfilling life.

The Super Life Student Template

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner)

The Super Life (Ultimate Life Planner) is one place to manage everything in your life entirely in Notion.

It brings tasks, notes, plans, health, plant care, travel plans, finance, and more together in your favorite tool.

Here’s a snapshot of what it covers:

  • Dashboard
  • Monthly planner
  • Personal & work daily planners
  • Bookmarks
  • Bookshelf & reading list

Ultimate Brain by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank Second Brain Notion Template Screenshot

Author: Thomas Frank

Ultimate Brain is The ultimate productivity system and second brain for Notion and it’s ideal for students looking to organize their life.

Ultimate Brain seamlessly combines tasks, projects, notes, and goals - turning Notion into your all-in-one task manager, note-taker, and planner.

Inside, you’ll find advanced features like:

  • A My Day dashboard for perfectly planning out your day
  • A Quick Capture dashboard for quickly capturing notes and tasks, then getting on with your day
  • PARA-style organization (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) for tasks, projects, and notes. Ultimate Brain turns Notion into the perfect tool choice for Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course.
  • Recurring tasks (includes a tutorial on how to automate them for free)

This template also comes with extensive tutorials along with free lifetime access to a support community on Circle where you can ask questions.

Minimalist ADHD Habit Tracker

Minimalist Habit Tracker

Create, track and reflect on your habits in a minimalist notion environment with a help of this notion template.


  • Habit Tracker
  • Weekly Goal Stats
  • Reflection Board
  • A commitment guide with scientifically proven techniques to stick your habits longer.
  • Reflection Questions
  • Custom Icon Pack and Cover
  • Compatible with both light and dark modes
  • Guide For the template

GTD Template (For ADHD)

GTD Dashboard from Mr Pugo

The Notion GTD Template You Need to Boost Productivity.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Do you struggle to keep track of all your tasks and projects?

Look no further than our “Getting Things Done” Notion template.

This ready-to-use template is designed to help you capture, process, organize, and prioritize your tasks and things to get done with minimum effort, saving you time and freeing up your mind to focus on what really matters.

This template is perfect for individuals and teams seeking an effective productivity system, to-do app, task manager, or project manager.

Based on the proven GTD® method, our template empowers you to streamline your work and get things done effortlessly.

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